Thursday, November 24, 2011

200,000 Likes for Page in Facebook.

by Candice Lim on Thursday, 24 November 2011 at 10:40
"200,000 likes?!" was my first reaction when I read about the ninja's message in their new page in facebook. they call it the PHOENIX PROJECT. 200 Thousand votes for us to be able to motivate them and see their new post's, yeah I know it's a hell of a lot of Likes and 200,000 person's are needed for them to achieve such huge amount of Like's. but let me repeat, 200 Thousand Like's for MOTIVATION. then i think deeply, in my understanding and analyses of their message, they want to know that not just the 170 members (rough figure) here on our group is supporting them (im not telling that their message is just for us member's here on the group, im just talking about our involvement and for our further contribution). they want to see that there is another 199,830 person's out there awaiting their return. as of this moment there are currently 3,379 Likes in their page. 196,621 likes to go. still a lot more ehh? in their previous page account, they had 60,970 likes in almost two years. thats an estimated 88 likes per day. but in their new page, they amassed a total of 3,379 like in 3 days, thats an estimated 1,126 likes per day! take a look at that, in that rate they could achieve a total of 200,000 likes in just 177 days! or in just 6 mos or less. (im sorry for the mind boggling calculation's. I've been frustrated myself. =p )
I dunno if it's just because the topic is still hot, and still the topic amongst other people, but none-the-less, thats still a thousand likes in a day! and yet, the question is still there, how do we achieve 200,000 likes if there's only 170 of us here in the group? me, I did my part by posting their message on my wall. I have a hundred plus friends in my account, and if theres just 20 of them who liked the page i endorsed thats already a big help for them. so come to think of this, what if you're friends are up to a thousand and let's say theres 200 of them who liked the page. thats 200 likes already! what im trying to say is that in this time of ours, its not hard to do such simple things. theres Facebook, Twitter and a lot more community site's to post this. im not telling you to make spam actions out of it. please do it in a good way. i want to see running again. and I can't wait for that to happen.